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HOTEL reservation in NY.. help please?

i need to find any web site just for hotel reservation ! i wont book! because they will ask me to pay i need to show this to American embassy as "reservation " and this one of their requirements honestly i need to give them this and then i will look for a good and cheap hotel and confirm it but for...


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1. Yawker
You're looking for a website that will grant you a bogus reservation? I would assume that even if you found one that didn't at least take a deposit, they would need to authorize a credit card for the amount to see that it would eventually cover the charge when you "arrive". I'd also assume there are penalties for this (like a "restocking fee" after a period of time)

The easiest way to check each hotel to see if there are any that will do this would be to search here and check each hotel website's policies: http://www.nycvacationstays.com/hotels.h...