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Hotel Rooms in Atlanta GA?

Are there any hotel Rooms in Atlanta Georgia (near the airport) that have jucuzzis in the room?????


Answer (2):

1. dr_nigel_c
Here are two places to check on -- some rooms at each have "jetted tubs" (be sure to read the room descriptions closely when you check rates).

Comfort Inn & Suites

Garden Inn

Hope that helps, good luck!
2. rl86
Get on the airport website to find local hotels, or go to Hotels.com

The commercials for Hotels.com are no lie. They really do go around to hotels and check them out. They'd have all of the details.

Probably the easiest thing to do, without doing a lot of research is to find a list of the hotels closest to the airport and just call each one and ask them if they do have jacuzzis in-room.