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Hotel suite wedding? San Diego, CA?

I've been to weddings where the ceremony was performed in the actual hotel room/suite and then they served appetizers, champagne and cake. How do you go about doing this. Every hotel I check online for weddings gives info on an actual full blown sit down meal in the ballroom. Thanks for your help.


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1. Amelia
Like others have said, call the hotel and speak to them. I would also advise not mentioning that it's a wedding you're planning. They hijack the prices as soon as they hear the "w" word. Just say you are doing a get together and would want appetizers and champagne. Either ask them about the wedding cake after they've given you the prices for everything else or see if they will let you bring your own dessert and get a wedding cake from a bakery.
2. scot_heath
This is where the web isn't going to help much. You want something "not on the menu" as it were.

If you call the hotel, or hotels, you are interested in and tell them what you want, you can probably arrange it. Most upscale hotels will go out of their way to make their guests happy. What you are asking isn't that strange, and I'm betting you can have what you want with very little trouble.

Good luck and a long and happy marriage
3. Me
Although I have never planned a wedding I have arranged many small parties and photo shoots in hotel suites. It is fairly easy to do. You will have to purchase your catering from the hotel.

- Pick a few hotels you are interested in.

- Call the sales department and explain what you are looking for.

- Arrange for site inspections.

- Pick the hotel that suits you best.

- Have an amazing wedding!
4. karen
Rent a hospitality suite. Talk to the catering manager about the food you want at your wedding reception. They will have it set up in the room. You will have a room attached to your suite for getting dressed in. Any high end hotel will be very accommodating to you and your guests.
5. iloveweddings
The first poster is exactly right.

You won't get this info on the hotel's site because they will only list "banquets." You need to go in or call the hotels that you have in mind. Tell them what you are requesting and see how they can help you.

Good luck and congratulations!
6. allstarprofessionaldjs
Call them and talk to an actuall person, because I know that they will do this. They are just trying to premote the more expensive sit down dinner that's all. Hope this helps and good luck to you.
7. Cat Lover
Call some hotels and talk to someone about this. You don't have to do it online. Use the telephone!