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Hotels in Daytona Beach FL that allow under 21 check in?

My friends and I (ages 19-20) are looking for hotels in Daytona Beach for spring break. Our price range is $100-$135 per night. Our problem is that the only hotels that we found that allow under 21 check in seem pretty run down and don't have a great location. Any advice, or help (with links) would be a huge...


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1. Daisymay
Daytona is a run down crap hole,and any motels allowing under age check in have alot more shady behavior going on ,for its a flordia state law that says one has to be 21 to obtain motel room,camp site,or housing in any form .you migfht want to check into this before you head down there ,most minors have there parents or someone of age get the rooms.
2. dr_nigel_c
Here are a few places that allow anyone 18 or older to check-in:

Sunny Shore Resort

Plaza Ocean Club

Hope that helps!
3. ?
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