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Hotels in Miami beach,fl that allows check in by 18 year olds?

Im goin to Miami,FL in august with my friends. I need to find a hotel that allows 18 year old to check in because the ones i have found you have to be 21 yrs old. Help please!!!


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1. ?
Well, I suppose many young people under 21 have the same problem. Someone once complaint to me that many hotels do not let underage people check-in.

As you asked the question, I suggest hostels, like the South Beach Hostel, the Tropics Hostel and Hostel and the Jazz Hostel on South Beach. Compared with many other hotels on the beach, they seem be more young friendly. One thing for sure is that the South Beach Hostel accepts guests of 18-years old and older.

The South Beach Hostel can be found at 235 Washington Avenue on South Beach. It’s just two blocks from the hotel. Its check in time is 2 PM and you need to check out at 12 PM.

I read some forums and some said Hibana Libre and Indian Creek do accept young guests of +18 years old. Anyway, you can try!

One more thing, it’s possible to find some other hotels with a minimum check-in age of 18. Here’s a link for more Miami hotels. You can try your luck!

2. smartphone
= Any of them, IF you have a credit card to hold your room. Other than that.. I honestly do not know how to get one