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Hotels in San Francisco,CA?

My boyfriend and I are trying to decide where to stay that is affordable. Right now it's between Nob Hill Hotel around $207 a night vs Hotel Majestic around $150 a night? Which one is better for its price? Or if anyone can anyone make a better suggestion that will be greatly appreciated!


Answer (3):

1. tonalc2
Nob Hill Hotel is right up against the Tenderloin, a pretty sketchy area of the SF. You'd have to know what areas to avoid. Parking can be expensive.

The Majestic is located farther away from downtown but close to Japantown. Plus, easy access to public transportation. Parking is cheaper.

Both are old, rooms are small but charming.

Me, I'd prefer Majestic.
2. MomSezNo
Go to TripAdvisor.com and look up both hotels. You'll find comments from past guests that can help you decide. In SF, location is important - I would choose based on that.
3. Diane
This is one of SF bargain favorites: