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Hotels in the San Francisco Area?

my parents are looking for a place in san francisco, CA to stay in.
we're hoping for $60 a night, as well as reasonable cleanliness.
we're going to stay there for two nights, and half a day.

any hotel suggestions?

btw, i need a room with two queen sized beds, and bathroom.


Answer (7):

1. tom c
There are many motels along Lombard street for $59/night plus tax.
2. ?
there are quite a few sites that you can search that will likely show you great hotels at the best prices available. check out the website BookMe and you will be able to compare prices on all the reputable travel sites in just a couple minutes. it's very convenient and will save you a bunch of time and money. Also, make sure you buy them online... otherwise they charge much higher fees for phone orders. good luck.
3. Zul Ander
We used to stay at the Nob Hill Inn. The prices were reasonable and they had parking spots. Its within walking distance of downtown SF. Haven't been there in many years but that would be the first place we would check.
4. ?
This can help you to find nice hotel deals.we can check and compare current hotel prices along with reviews at “hotels combined”
good luck..
5. Duvan
Google it you idiot!
6. silvermist
*_~ So glad that you're considering San Francisco for your vacation.

SFO hotels...
7. *She Knows*
UH GOOGLE IT!!!!!! motel 6 is 60/night in florida.