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Hotels/Motels under 21 in MA?

I am trying to simply find a hotel or motel that will allow me and my girlfriend to book a room for a night. We are both under 21 but over 18. Does anyone know of any hotels or motels on the southeast part of massachusetts that would allow us to book a room for a night?


Answer (3):

1. Punk Rock and Minerals
state law says you have to be q8

you could try Rhode Island, not sure what there law is

or you could try a hostel, though the only ones in the southeast part of the state are on The Cape
there are also some in Boston as well
2. Ch√Ęteauguay
I don't think Punk, Rock and Minerals is correct. IK certainly was able to rent hotel rooms at 18. But if you do not have a credit card you will likely be demanded to post a substantial cash bond because of concen about possible room damage or vandalism.
3. christnp
Boston has a nice new hostel with private rooms available. You can be 18+. http://bostonhostel.org/

If you can't afford the private room, you can stay in a co-ed dorm.