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Hotels near prison camp in atlanta ga?


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1. Dr. O'Pinion
Hotels like to find cheap land to build on so that they can achieve maximum profits. People usually don't spend much time in a hotel so most won't even know that the prison is there.
2. Newsboy
My dear, I'm an Atlanta native born, raised and still living and haven't the foggiest idea what "prison camp" you could be talking about ... perhaps they went the way of the "chain gangs"?

HOWEVER ... it is possible you are refering to the ANDERSONVILLE CIVIL WAR PRISON CAMP which is also home to the national Prisoner of War Monument and Museum. If so that's actually nowhere near Atlanta but in SOUTH GEORGIA in the town of Andersonville, in Sumter County near Americus and PLAINS, home of course to President Jimmy Carter. Go online and search for ANDERSONVILLE NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE for details.

It's accessible from Atlanta via I-75 South about three hours south of the metro area.

Hope this helps ... if not, I've no idea what you're asking ....

Good luck!
3. Searching Answers
I would like to ask where is the best place to search if you wanted to live and buy properties .. Do anyone know the going rate? I hear Atlanta is not that great to live .. but I see Whitney - Janet and many celebrities live there. Thanks
4. Kipper
what prision camp???? and why would you want to stay near one anyways???