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How can I convince my mom to take me to the Tokio Hotel concert in Orlando FL?

OMG i loooove Tokio Hotel and i live soooo close to the House of Blues and that is where they are playing but MY MOM WONT LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg how can i convince her otherwise? and if you dont like Tokio Hotel - dont answer this qustion.


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1. Pine.apple
OMG i had to convince my parents to let me go to the Toronto Concert! lol, it was hard but i managed to.

Firstly, do you have any siblings? If so, bring them along (older is good...cousins help too) You'll end up not being around them when the concert starts because you end up forgetting that they're ever there (everyone gets moved around). Also, when i went a lot of girls brought their parents! Yup...its true. The parents didn't stand beside their daughters (or son;) but stood all the way at the back or left.

As well, you can get them to provide you will options. For example, i had to pay for my own ticket, and secondly i had to be very very very good and responsible over the coming period to show my maturity. lol, its easier said than done but i managed. I showed my parents the TH music videos, Tokio Hotel T.V., the girls i knew going, interviews, lyrics - you name it! Concert reviews are good too. I told my parents it was an ALL AGES CONCERT and they accepted. You can also show previous concerts from YOUTUBE...that also helps a lot. Tell your parents you will call when you get to the venue, when it starts, and when it ends. This keeps them reassured.

And DONT COVER UP ANYTHING! Honestly, your parents will find out espeacially if it is your first concert. Odds are the concert will start at the latest 9:00 p.m and end around 11-ish. Hope its not on a school night! Don't be afraid of trying to convince your parents no matter how agiatated they get. Parents actually see it as a good thing...show them you really want to go by working hard to get the money (if they won't pay...thats an example)

2. Nika
First of all, do NOT take daisyfay's advice and leave ridiculous notes all around the house. It's not sweet, it's just bloody annoying. I'm a 29 year old mom (and huge TH fan) and I'll tell you, it wouldn't even work with me.
How old are you? If you are really young, that's probably the basis for her answer. Otherwise, have been in trouble lately? Been getting bad grades? Those are all things parents look at.
Why don't you ask your mom to go with you? Let it be a mother daughter thing. Then go somewhere with her of her choosing. Begging likely won't help, but explain that it's a foreign band who rarely performs in the US. Ask her what you can do to offset the cost of the gas and the tickets. Be responsible about it, but remember that at the end of the day, it's her call and how you handle it will determine if you get to go the next time they are here.

Good Luck!
3. Jess is Automatic.
It really depends on what her reasons on for not letting you go. Maybe she thinks you aren't old enough? Instead of taking an immature approach like whining or complaining, try calmly convincing her by explaining how much they mean to you and that you might not have a chance to see them for a while or something. I am also a HUGE fan, I'm seeing them in NY on the 30th, which is a Thursday. It wasn't so hard to convince my mom though, because she loves them too and I told her I'd do my homework in the car :P
Good luck, I hope this works out for you! Their concerts are amazing :)
4. Catherine Jonas
OMG! I have the same problem!! I wanted to go to that same show but my mom said no!! I'm trying to convince her but she just won't listen to me!!!

I think you should write her a REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY long note saying how much you want to go or something..bc I did that and it worked but my mom doesn't like Tokio Hotel so it didn't work this time..

hope i helped..
i tried lol
5. Masha
First off, why wont she let you go?

I had a similar problem. We didn't have money, but my mom knew how obsessed with Tokio Hotel I was, so after saving up some money or whatever, she let me go.

I don't know why your mom wont let you go so I'm not quite sure what to tell you, but yeah. Good luck.
6. Karina
wow! i was in the SAME position as u! AND im going to the orlando show too!!!!! :D I had to convince my parents since i live like an hr away from orlando to take me, but i managed.
i would suggest to show your mom the band. Like i put up pictures of them, and i would constantly listen to their songs (i always do anyways :]), and just tell your mom how they are a german band, the concerts is for ALL AGES, free parking :], and they are plainly awesome!
like my mom after seeing their pictures became fascinated with bills hair! haha she's the one going with me if my friend can't make it..i kno it's kinda lame for me (im 16) to take my mom but hey i'll do anything just to go. Maybe if u ask your mom to go with you, she wont be as worried of letting u go by yourself :)
and if things get to worse...cry and beg haha i seriously i had to do that
like let a couple tears come out and tell your mom nicely how much they mean to you AND tell a little white lie how out of the whole U.S tour they chose orlando, NY, pensylvania, and georgia ONLY and that you'll probably wont see them again anywhere near the U.S ;P
if the issue is the money, them i would suggest saving up, getting a lot of chores done, pick up your grades, and be nice to your mom :] haha

OR tell her that that will be your christmas present!
theres no excuse in not taking you if you live soo near. :D
7. .
OMG! i knw how u feel!
i live about 4 hrs away n my mom wont let me go! im soo mad! who knows if i'll ever get to go to their concert!
my sisters friends r going and some of them dont even like them!! my idea may not be the best 1 but i'd do it if at least 1 of my friends liked them or b willing to give me a ride to the concert or at least drive me up there..
so here's what i'do if i were u..
if u have a friend that would be willing to either drive you there or go with you, tell your mom that your going to the movies and then are going to stay over at a friends house (someone she trust you with styaing) n once your with your friend just sneak of and go!(make sure your with your friend at leat 2hrs b4 or w.e. da time you're planning to go so you can get ready) buy the ticket with your own money...give it to your friend so he or she'll buy it for you... then go to the concert, look at those hotties, n enjoy it for those of us who cant see them...
8. Moni
Thankfully, I'm the only child and I'm spoiled. :P I know it isnt a good thing, but I'm not "overly" spoiled. But yeah, I'm going to the Orlando TH concert CANT WAIT.

I would suggest telling your mom how much they mean to you and how they don't curse and blah blah. Its what I told my dad! Also tell your mom how they're from Germany and they probably wont come back for a long time.
9. daisyfay
Put little sugar notes around the house telling your mom how much you want to go to the concert. Like in the frig, laundry room, bathroom, in her jacket pockets, her shoes, on the lamp shade etc. Draw a picture of flowers and at the bottom, say, For The Greatest Mom. Your mom will get this sweet message and maybe give in.
10. Baeby
well i told my parents that if i can go i wont ask to go ANYWHERE for the rest of the year and they still said no cause its too far away. psh 2 hours?!?! please! its tokio hotel!!!!!!! so yea me and my brother and my friend are going and my brother said he'll talk to my parents. but idk if they'll let me or not but im still going. if they say no then im just gonna tell them we're going to howl o scream at busch gardens :D