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How do I find really nice (and reasonably priced) hotels in Miami, FL?

This will be my first time going to Miami, so I'm trying to find out a little more about really nice hotels on/ or near the beach at a reasonable price. I will be going sometime in May, so I'm looking for something really fast but noteworthy. Any ideas/ or suggestions? Thanks!


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1. butterrum28
Okay-I just finished 2 weeks of intense research on my trip to Miami (SO-BE) I will be leaving April 22nd. All I can recommend is that you use TripAdvisor.com. There are real reviews from real people on there so when you are searching for a package online-look up the hotel in question on tripadvisor its a great site and I'm praying that we'll have a great time in SO-BE.

I booked at the Chelsea Hotel on Washington-this will be my first time as an adult in FL.
Well the best hotels are definitely in Downtown Miami and Miami beach, there are some hotels in miami beach that are cheap!! what u should do is call hotels.com and they'll find a hotel for you that u can afford I did that and they helped me :D

good luck!!
3. Nicole S
Id definitely say fountain bleau.
its right on the beach, it has millions of pools. the lobby is awsome
and they play music! whats better?

But. if that's not your style
Go for hard rock casino
that's a really famous hotel.
Anna nicole smith died there actually..

if not that
the baltimore hotel in coral gables
Try the econolodge in hollywood florida I heard Its good and the rates are great.