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How much does the omni hotel cost in jacksonville,fl?

For two people, one night? What is the price on average? thanks.


Answer (2):

1. surfjax32
Depends on when you go, of course prices are higher during peak travel times such as the summer months. For a basic room for two people the average cost is about $189 per a night plus tax. The do offer several packages that range from $200 to $400 a night. I would check the hotel website, call the hotel and check other travel websites for the best deals. Also ask and see if they offer AAA, Military, Senior or any other kind of discount it never hurts to ask! Here is their website for more information:
2. wizard
Try this website from my previous answer in http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/?qi... , you can search through 30 over websites and 700,000 hotels worldwide. You can choose to search through hotel ratings and price.

Good luck. Have a nice trip.