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How to get a job at a hotel?

how to get a job at a hotel in miami,fl?
and when working at a hotel do you get drees home or at the hotel?


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1. chefgrille
Apply at all of them, as many as you can find. Fill out the apps, tweak your resume and cover letter to highlight excellent customer service you have. Follow up to see how the hiring process is going. Same for any food service job. As for dressing, you'll find that out when you're hired. They may tell you what to wear (black pants, khakis, their polo) that you have to take care of in which case you get dressed at home. But chances are they have a linen service where you grab your whites and blacks there and change quick in the restroom. I've been on either side of it.

(I mean this with all sincerity, have someone proofread anything you write to them.)