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I'm 18. Can I rent a hotel room?

I'm 18 and my friends are 18 and 19. We're all girls and don't plan to get drunk and tear the place up lol. We're going to stay at the travelodge in Pensacola Beach, Fl. And I do have the credit card in my name alone with my ID. Should I have any problems?


Answer (5):

1. David
It totally depends only on the hotel which you want to stay. Some hotels allow 18 years old person to stay in Hotel, but some hotels allow only adult persons. So first of all you call them and ask him.
I think it is a better option for you.
2. Rick S
You need to be 21 years old and have a valid credit card for most hotels. You can probably check the hotels website to find out.
3. Shawna
It all depends on where you stay at. Some hotels will allow 18 year olds, some will only allow 21 year olds. You may be able to as long as the hotel doesn't have a minibar.
4. Maverick
depends upon the individual travelodge

call and find out

better to check ahead of time then get there and be refused a room

the credit card helps - tell them that
5. Artemisc
It depends on the hotel. The fact that it's your credit card will help.