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I'm looking for beachfront hotels in California.?

Hello, My husband is coming from Iraq in April and I am planning our vacation to CA. We want to stay at a nice hotel on the beach but I'm having trouble finding any. I did find a nice Embassy Suites in Mandalay Beach but we would like to be very close as possible to Long Beach because we'll be traveling...


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1. Peedlepup
I'm not sure you will find everything you are looking for. The closest I can think of is the Doubletree Inn/ San Pedro. It's 6 miles from Long Beach and in the Cabrillo marina. If you would like to check it out the information is:

Doubletree Hotel San Pedro
2800 Via Cabrillo Marina
San Pedro, California
2. Muppet
Long Beach isn't a resort kinda town. The Port of Long Beach and the Los Angeles River keep it from being a beach destination because they pollute the water.
The Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes is absolutely beautiful. It sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific and they have a small man-made beach that is at the resort. They also have 3 very nice pools and I think a couple of them have cabanas. They don't offer free breakfast nor do they have rooms where you can walk directly onto the sand. It's still very romantic and I go to the hotel twice a month just to hike around the property.
The nicest place on the water in LBC would be the Hotel Maya, but it isn't a beachfront hotel.
What you're looking for doesn't exist very close to where you are leaving for Catalina.
If you're from the East Coast than you probably think California is weird not to have beach front hotel properties. All of the beaches are open to the public here and I think that, along with the Pacific Coast Highway, keep there from being very many resorts on the beach here. The hotels you will find on the coast tend to be built above the beaches on bluffs. Santa Monica and Malibu have beachfront hotels, but that's too far from where Long Beach is.

If it's not too late can you change your Catalina Express reservation to Dana Point? They also leave from there. Dana Point is more relaxed and vacation-like than Long Beach. There are actual oceanfront resorts close to where Catalina Espress leaves from there. Look into Laguna Cliffs, St. Regis, Ritz Carlton, Blue Lantern Inn and the Doubletree.
3. A Hunch
I am a diamond member of hilton and stayed at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach a few years ago. It was AWFUL! We had to switch rooms several times because they were not clean. The rooms smelled very mildewy. After I found dirty underwear from a prior guest we got out money back but they still charged us the $13 for the valet parking (can you believe that?!?).
- I think the hotel has been redone since then, but it sounds like for your event you would not want to trust it.

Places that are close to Long Beach
Terranea Resort - www.terranea.com
- I haven't actually been here but it looks absolutely beautiful. I live in Long Beach and was just telling a friend yesterday that I want to stay here soon (it's 15min or so from Catalina Landing).

Avia Hotel - www.aviahotels.com/hotels/longbeach
Is a brand new boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Long Beach. It's walking distance to Catalina Landing. I haven't seen the rooms but the lobby area looks really nice.

Hotel Maya - www.hotelmayalongbeach.com
It's an older hotel that has recently been redone. It's getting a lot of good attention. My neighbor's friend from NYC stayed there at xmas and loved it.
- I'm a little weary because I'm from the area and know about the years it has been in disarray but if you read the reviews on tripadvisor, they are very good.

Both the Hilton and Hyatt in Huntington Beach are great hotels and in a great location.
4. Paris Hilton
Anna step back for a second and re-think this.....Boats to Catalina go out of Marina Del Rey, and Dana Point/San Clemente areas also....NOBODY stays in Long Beach for both the boat ride and the beach.
Think about taking the boat out of Marina Del Rey and stay at Lowe's in Santa Monica like Obviousman suggests ( Lowe's and Marina Del Rey are a short cab ride away).....You can take the helicopter back as the one and a half hour boat ride out is enough boat riding for the day...
5. tcmae
I'd say the closest to Long Beach would be the new Terrenea Resort in Palos Verdes.
6. Capt. Obvious
I believe Loew's or Shutters has what you require.