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I need a hotel in Hollywood California, & it has to be on the beach?

i need a beach in Hollywood California thats also on the beach, i've been searching for hours online trying to find one, but hollywood floridia keeps coming up.

please help(:


Answer (7):

1. Mad Dog
Check a map and you'll see Hollywood is nowhere near the beach.

Yes. Hollywood, FL is by the beach.
2. ✿Donna❀
Hollywood, California is nowhere near a beach. Hollywood is inland. You can confirm this with the map in the link. (you'll have to scroll about halfway down the page to see where Hollywood is in proximity to the ocean). You can stay in Hollywood, or you can stay at a beach side hotel, in one our many coastal communities, here in Los Angeles. But a hotel on the beach, does not exist in Hollywood, Calif.

Santa Monica, and Marina Del Rey are closest, and nicest cities nearest to Hollywood.
3. Capt. Obvious
Well, if you knew ANYTHING about LA, you would know that Hollywood is NOT on the beach. It's 18 miles away. So figure out what you want: Hollywood or the Beach. You can't be in both places at the same time.

Once you figure it out, post another question.

Since LA is so spread out, there is no single place that is close to EVERYTHING. Most people who come here tend to stay in Hollywood, Santa Monica, or Anaheim. In Hollywood, I recommend the Orchid Suites, Hollywood Celebrity Hotel, or Holiday Inn Walk of Fame, all near Hollywood and Highland. Another one is the Best Western Sunset Plaza. In Santa Monica, the Holiday Inn Santa Monica is close to the pier and reasonably priced. In Anaheim, I recommend the Howard Johnson (HoJo) Anaheim, and the Candy Cane Inn. There is also a nice place in Burbank called the Best Western Media Center, very close to Warner, NBC, and Universal Studios.
4. WSguy
Hollywood is a district of LA, it's atleast 10 miles from the beach. Try Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey if you want near the beach.
5. rckfrom1966
Hollywood California does not border the ocean. Look for Santa Monica or Long Beach.
6. boogeywoogy
Ha, ha, ha--- that's a good one!
Not only is Hollywood 18 miles from the beach, it can take upwards of an hour to get there; even longer by bus.