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I need a hotel recommendation in long beach, CA. Going on a cruise January 19th.?


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1. shhhhhhhhhhhimhiding
If you are sailing out of Long beach I recommend the Holiday Inn

Hotel Front Desk: 1-562-5908858
Hotel Fax: 1-562-9831607

We are sailing on the Pride in Feb, so when we were in Calif visiting we stayed here one night to chewck it out. The room was pretty nice and the people at the desk helpful I think the best thing is that you can park your car free for the crusie and they have a shuttle to and from the dock. The downside was we drove in at night and the area is a little scary, I wouldnt want to have to walk out there, but our car wasnty stolen so it was ok. Hope it helps. Have fun
2. Zef H
Two popular hotels near the Carnival cruise dock in Long Beach are the Queen Mary which is right next door and the Coast Hotel which is about 1/2 miles away (at the green arrow in the photo below) ...


Here is a link to the Queen Mary's website ...

Here is a link to the Coast Hotel in Long Beach ...
3. travel guy
I have clients that constantly cruise from Long Beach - if fact, they're going on the New Year's cruise on Carnival's Paradise.

They always request that I book them at the Crown Plaza, using their "Stay/Park/Cruise" package. If you're not familiar with these packages (and they're available in almost all US cruise ports), they include 1-night lodging, parking for the entire length of your cruise, and round-trip shuttle service to the cruise terminal. Many include other amenities such as breakfast or a bottle of wine. These are very popular packages - we sell a lot of them.

Ask your travel agent to book you in the Crown Plaza - I think you'll enjoy it!
4. cruise junkie
try the Queen Mary right by the cruise terminal
5. MomSezNo
To get even more suggestions/reviews go to TripAdvisor.com and CruiseCritic.com ["Boards", "West Coast Departure Cities"].