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I need a limo from JFK to hotel in NEw York city?


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1. Marian K
Wow, great answers from those other people.

You don't have to be posh to get a limo, when I went to NY in December we got a limo for all of us as it worked out fairly cheap, plus its a trip of a lifetime.

Personally, we got one from people who were waiting at the airport. There will be loads of people there trying to get your business. If you look around you, you will get one there on the day.

If you want to pre book, try contacting some of these websites and compare prices, etc


Enjoy your trip :o)
2. Tony R
Hold on ...

Phones Limo Company: Ring ring ring ring

Me : Hi i would like to order a limo for some posh tart

Limo Company: Sure , that will be $300

Me: Pulls $300 dollars from his ***
3. Shauna
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5. Way
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