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I need to check into a hotel by myself and i'm 16?

I have parent permisson and everything for it. I'm 16 and i go to COLLAGE and everyone need a vacation sometime. I have a few friends in FL and i was planing on visiting them sometime when i get my next break. But i'm not so sure i can check in a pay for a room. Does anyone know the laws for Miami FL about...


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1. Ayush
This varies, normally, the hotel requires you to be at least 18 years old to check in. There is no law by the state as such. it is the hotels which put such restrictions if they have to. i am sure there will be plenty of hotels which permit 16yr olds to check in as well.

Was curious to check out myself so searched for a few hotels at this website . Found Intercontinental Hotel there. they dont seem to be having any restrictions on age limit

I will recommend that you that search (and if possible, book) a hotels online BEFORE you leave for Miami(through the aforementioned website for example). This website will show you a list of hotels in miami and when you click on a particular hotel it will take you to the hotel website. There you can see the rules and regulations and also phone number of the hotel . So if you find a hotel which permits 16yr olds before you go to Miami, that will take some worry off your head ! Don't take a risk of going there and then looking for a hotel, I would say
2. Mr.I hate stupid people
Being a general Manager for a Hotel, I can tell you, that they check ID at Hotels, and there is a restriction on ages. I know that there is no way I'd rent a room to a 16 yr old, I don't care if he/she/it was president. Because of insurance issues, trust issues, just plain common sense issues, 99,999 out of 100,000 16 yr olds can NOT be trusted in a hotel.
3. gramof6
Did you fail spelling? Most hotels will only rent to people 21 and older.No 16 year old needs to travel alone anyway. Say...where are your parents?
4. Bricky
Are you sure your smart enough to go to college you cant even spell it, and you must have skipped grammer and english class. I think your story is full of crap.