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I need to find out what room im staying at in the kimpton hotel in san diego,ca?


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1. Steve A aka StvDiego
The only Kimpton hotel in San Diego is the Solomar in downtown. Give them a call, ask for the front desk manager and ask them to pre-register you. If they allow pre-regs you will probably have to give them your credit card or billing information over the phone and you will definitely be charged for the room if you are a no-show or they may even charge you right then (when I was a front desk manager many years ago at another hotel in San Diego I would pre-reg on request if I could but I would charge for the room right then and there were absolutely no refunds for any reason). Many hotels will do that if they are not booked. But be aware that an unexpected stay-over may affect your registration and you may end up with a different room, it all depends on the room being vacated on your check-in date.

If you are expecting a package or something else it can be sent to the hotel before your arrival, have your name and check-in date on it with Hold For Guest Check-In written on the label.

Packages and letters will be accepted and held for you. You can also call the hotel concierge for assistance if that's what you need.

Hotel Solomar
435 6th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
2. *Brooke*Loves*Stars*
um... with most hotels, you won't know until you get there. unless, like, you requested a specific type of room and they only have one of that kind. then obviously you would know which room you're gonna get.
3. marvin l
call them ? dugh