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I want to work in a hotel?

Can I make enough money working at a hotel in Miami, FL to live comfortably?


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1. Proud dad of Double A
Hotels employ many people, with vary levels of success and earnings.
2. ttttttttrump
Working at any hotel will require you to be trained. Wages will increase has you progress.
It depends on your ability to apply What you are trained for? Go apply at several hotels and check out their wage rates.. You can check for job listings on the internet. Hotels are good for training you.
You got to start some were so try it out and see how you like it.
First you must enjoy people, You must have a servant attitude. Apply for one of their jobs you might be interested. You got to start somewere. Check with people you know for a hotel to apply.
If they liked the service? How they were treated?
Word of mouth will let you know the kind of
hotel it is. Maybe you could stay there a night and find out for yourself.
Like anything else you need to apply for a position that you feel qualified for..
I have worked in a hotel as an Night Auditor which included many other jobs as well.
Guest Check Clerk and manager the hotel alone many nights.
So my jobs were several different hats.
I was excellant in my position or I wouldn't have been able to handle managing the hotel alone.
Hope that I have been of some help. I have a college degree in all areas of finance and double major in Economics...
best, longfield http://travelsites2see.blogspot.com/
3. ?
It depends on your occupation...you can be a janitor or a manager.