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If hotel walls could talk...would you listen?

I travel the east coast as a consultant and have stayed in many hotels. I have always heard others talk about the sexy sounds coming from the rooms next door. Well last week.... I had my first experienced......I got a wonderful earful(wink) from my hotel neighbor(s). It seemed to last for ever, and I was soooo...


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1. dlovesboxers
My hubby and I went to Bossier City, LA for our anniversary, and our next door neighbor beat on the wall. I didn't even think I was being loud!!!!.. We laughed and kept right on going....lmao
2. Amy B
I've had a few examples of people getting it on within earshot (and I'm sure my boyfriend's neighbors have heard us a few times - very thin walls at his apartment).

I went on a few dates with a guy who worked front desk at a hotel for a local Sheraton - and he told me lots of stories about the guests who check in there (including special requests, coworkers obviously having affairs, etc.) Those were pretty funny.
3. Valerie
Sounds like you had fun in that hotel room, all by yourself. I would have listened and probably gotten turned on too. After all, how can you not listen? And why wouldn't you? I love sounds when there is sex. It just heats me up even more.
4. speck
I really have no interest in other folks business. Never have. But I don't see what the harm would be for you to listen, it's not like you knew them. If it were people you knew, wouldn't you have just gone for a walk or turned the TV up?
5. Shannon
I once lived in an apartment and hear it going on next door. The girl kept saying "I don't want to get pregnant." "What if I get pregnant?" (It must have been their first time) Well, she ended up pregnant...... It DID NOT turn me on though... it was just humorous.
6. sma200
this question would have been ALOT more interesting if the question stated
if hotel walls could talk... would you listen??

and end it there.
you'd get lots more interesting answers/comments...
but after reading the rest,, wel just yuck and inopropriate.
7. Ron J
No I never have. I do find it quite erotic that the noise turned you on rather than annoy you. I bet we would get along great.
8. Icelady49
Dang.. I am so pissed.. to think all this time I was out siteseeing or at a restaurant and I could of just stayed in my room and had plenty of entertainment for free.. thanks for the imfor
9. Click C
Oh yeah -- I love to have noisy neighbors in a hotel...
10. The artist formerly known as T D
that is hot! I want to listen next time, however I am usually the one causing the sounds...=)