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In what hotel can I stay in Long Beach, CA, that's near where you take Carnival's Pride cruise?

I'll be taking Carnival's Pride cruise in June and I'm wondering where I can stay prior and after taking the cruise in Long Beach. I'm looking for a place to stay for about 3 nights that's on the $70-$125 price range per night, safe neighborhood, and good service. Any suggestions? Has anyone...


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1. shhhhhhhhhhhimhiding
I have stayed at the Holiday Inn Long Beach, which ahs a shuttle to the boat but a $45 cab ride to the hotel from LAX. The neighborhood was pretty scary at night and i probably wouldnt have stayed there if i had another choice but once inside it was fine. we paid about $100

This year we stayed at the Doubletree Airport which has a shuttle to the hotel and we took a shuttle $45 for 2 of us and it picked us up at the hotel. the hotel was nice and if we crusie out of La again plan on staying there again. the neighborhood felt safe and in a business area. this hotel was also $100 a night

I read alot of reviews about the Queen mary, yes it is next to the dock for the Pride so you can walk over but i would research other peoples opinions of the boat before staying there. the prices can be really good or very expensive, yahoo travel seemed to have the best price for QM.

Have fun and enjoy the Pride, she's awesome
2. Jay
I don't know how much it is, but they have converted the Queen Mary into a hotel.

It is right next to the Carnival Cruise Ship. You can walk to it.

Google the Queen Mary Long Beach and get some price information. You couldn't stay at a more convenient place.
3. Zef H
The two closest hotels to the Carnival Pride are the Queen Mary (which is right next door) and the Coast Hotel which is about two blocks away ...



4. cruise junkie
Stay in Anahiem by Disneyland Much better and only about 20 min away. Quality Inn is realy nice .Long Beach is not a good place to stay..in cabo go para sailing and the lands end tour is nice..in Mazatlan I rented a golf cart for the day..what a adventure, not for the squimish but lots of fun ...
5. MomSezNo
Go to CruiseCritic.com, click on "Boards", then "West Coast Departures". You'll get lots of info from experienced cruisers. If you go to "Reviews" at the top of the page and click on "Passenger Reviews", you'll find comments from past guests.

If you want to double-check about a particular hotel, you can go to TripAdvisor.com and get comments from past guests.