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Inexpensive Hotels near New York ?

I will be going to NY and want to stay roughly 15-20 minutes MAX away from the city. I am not looking to spend more then $150 per night. I would also prefer that breakfast be included. Any suggestions??


Answer (3):

1. Danielle
That's highly unlikely. You can scour travel sites, but even in Jersey City (about 20 minutes when you count wait-time for train) rooms go for about $200 minimum. Are you willing to stay in a motel or something more run-down?
2. DON W
Try some of the hotels in the Woodbridge/Iselin area of NJ, particularly Hampton Inns that include free breakfast. You'll have to take the commuter train into the city (which takes about 30 minutes), but that's pretty easy. You should be able to find something in your price range.
3. tham153
Try a search with Expedia.com, Trivago.com, hotels.com or any of their competitors. That is a very low price, especially with a meal included.