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Is Caribe Cove a good hotel? in Orlando Fl?

ANY Bed bugs, kitchen, bathrooms, rooms ... etc... i'am going in 3 weeks and i read websites that its the best but they say the beds are old any advice on the hotel .


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1. NemoRanger
Never stayed there but I have driven past it a number of times. From the reviews I just read. I would feel comfortable staying here. I have a lot of experience with hotels in this area. Before moving here I was staying in hotels every other weekend. It got to a point I could tell if I even wanted to stay when I drove up to it. In this area maintence is everything. If the outside is clean and well taken care of then the rooms will be too. This place looks clean and new when you drive up to it. So I would stay.

Bed bugs can happen anywhere. I heard they had a bed bug issue in some of the rooms at the Marriott World Center and the Peabody hotel. Those are amazing properties you would not expect to see it in.