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Is it possible to stay on a Disney resort for two people for air and hotel for under 1000?

I would like to take my mom to Disneyland or DisneyWorld. I prefer to stay on one of the resorts. Does anyone have any tips to stay at one that would be under 1000 for the both of us. We live in Omaha, NE and would hope the 1000 includes airfare.


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1. Indiana Jones
at walt disney world in florida.
well the value hotels like the all stars sports, movies, music and pop century hotels are $82 per night
so for 3 nights would be $246 plus tax.
and flights are up lately so i'd say about $35 per person for a round trip ticket.
so $700 for that.

so basically i you were to just fly there and sit at the hotel for a few days and then fly home and not go to any of the parks or get the disney dining plan then yes it could be done for right around $1000
but if you plan to go to the parks that costs $71 per day per person.
and the dining plan costs $39 per day per person.

so if you want a whole package then no you can't do it for $1000.
2. Lisa B
Sorry, but no-not this year.

Unfortuntly, holidays are the most expensive time to go to Disney. Even more unfortuntly, earlier this year- Disney offered "free dining" for the dates of August 27-Sept.29-with the cutoff for RSVP's being about a month ago. This has all of the WDW value resorts (and the campsites) currently full. The cheapest moderate + a 2 day hopper (4 theme parks in 2 days-whoo-that would be a dead run) that is available would cost you $1213 before tax/and air, it also does not include Dining. The same number of days at the moderate + a 4 day base is comparable and still over the budget before air/taxes. At this late of date-there are no deals to be found on Disney-and no codes (because the "deal" was the free dining).

As for Disneyland-the only available Disneyland resort is the Grand Californian. Before air/taxes/and food-it would be $1833 for the two of you to stay at the resort and have a 3 day hopper (ticket minimum)

My recommendation is to forego this year-I'm SO sorry!!! Save up, and if Disney does the "free dining plan" again next year (no gaurantees) they will announce it sometime in the spring (March-end of April)

Some destinations offer "last minute deals"-Disney isn't one of them.
Too bad you didn't ask for a last minute cruise deal.Those are available.:-(

Sorry, again
3. Jessica T
No, you're not going to be able to go at the end of the month for under $1000 -airfare, hotel and park tickets included. Maybe you can start saving, and treat your mom to a trip sometime next year. She'll love going anytime, and be happy that you want to do such a sweet thing :o)
4. kellystraveltrips
I checked, and I am afraid the only resort available is the carribean beach resort with only 1 king bed, for $557(hotel only) plus airfare is approximately $400/per person.
So you are already at around 1300 and that does not include tickets yet which for 3 days is $424 and $524 for 3 days with park hopper.

Outside of Disney, but offers free shuttle service to parks:
http://www.radisson.com/hotels/flkissim (89.99/night)

http://www.royaleparcsuitesorlando.com/ (95/night)

http://www.holidayinnmge.com/ (84/night)

http://www.qualityinn.com/ires/en-US/html/HotelInfo?hotel=FL722&sid=a120i.gx7EmgKxo0.3&sarea=5725&sname=Kissimmee&sstate=FL&scountry=US&sradius=40.23&slat=28.2917&slon=-81.4078&schain=Q&exp=&scity=&sort=&type=&map=n&month=8&day=29&depart_month=9&depart_day=1&nroom=1&nadult1=2&nchild1=0&nadult2=1&nchild2=0&nadult3=1&nchild3=0&nadult4=1&nchild4=0&nadult5=1&nchild5=0 (49.95/night)

Do you belong to AAA or AARP? Are there any other airports close to you to check prices?

if you want more info, i am a travel agent, email me directly or visit:

5. pink
I'm going to with my bf in Sep. and with the prices of airfare, tickets, hotel (cost split in half) and food the total price is about $800 each person. So 1,000 for two people isn't going to work.
I am not sure if this is a magical week of disney or not. We are going sept 12 and our room for 5 days is only 400 for a value.
try these tips. Go on weekdays and stay in a vaule always cheaper
7. kapn
Nope.......ya gonna need 3K..........1K would just take care of tickets and lunch............hotel, airfair,food and fun money has to come from somewhere............