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Is the new york hotel in Vegas a good place to stay?

How is the room service menu?


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1. Littlechickenman
Personally I think NY NY has declined in quality in the last 10 years. We were just there a few days ago and it looked dumpy and dirty. Additionally, the hotel is surrounded by massive construction projects. That end of the strip is a mess due to the City Center construction and various other construction sites. Also proximity to Excalibur is icky. IMHO the other end of the strip, north of Bellagio is much, much nicer.
2. Jacob W
Normally I would say yes, but not now or any time soon. I was in Vegas last week and there is an enormous amount of construction going on all around the Monte Carlo and New York, New York. I advise everyone to avoid the south western area of the Strip because of all the construction. The Mirage is refurbishing their volcano. The front of that hotel is a mess, too.

Expect closed or restricted sidewalks, scaffolding and lots of noise and detours. As well as trams not running etc. So, probably until late 2009 avoid the Luxor, Excalibur, Monte Carlo and Ny/Ny.

3. Kelly E
I recently went there on my 21st birthday October 23 2007 Only a little while ago. I went with my mother, my aunt, and my cousin. The service there was terrible, the staff completely rude, and vending machines didn't work and took my money. We got to the room which was supposed to be non smoking and it was filled with smoke and when we called the front desk they said it was all booked up and hung up on us. When we walked down to the lobby the girl told us there are plenty of rooms and moved us. This process took two hours. Finally making it to our new rooms, I rolled back the bed sheets to go to take a nap and there were ashes, and burn marks all in my bed! The elevators took 45 minutes onces and the other times it took a good 20 min. It was the nastious hotel ever. They also nickel and dime you on everything! The people there are so rude, and we paid a hell of a lot of money for this "4" star hotel. I will never go back there.
4. tony_soprano24
My wife and I stayed at this hotel about 4 weeks ago. It was our first time but it was nice. We got the room for about $140 a night. It was clean and the hotel was nice. We did not use the room service but I would stay there again.

Good luck!

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5. Simon W
We haev stayed NYNY and loved it, ist not as big as some of the other resorts but the walk to the room can still seem miles, it has loads of good places to eat and along with paris and venetian its the best theming on the Strip. The casino is fun and unlike many of the others you can walk straight out on to the strip. Oh one thing the pool is small and boring if a pool is important to you then maybe its not the resort for you.

Book your room direct for the best rate and then you can cancel if you canhe your mind some links to current offers direct with NYNY below. Sorry dont know about the rooms service


Free room upgrade on this one which is handy as the rooms are a little on the small side
6. Steffi
The NYNY is a nice hotel, I really like the New York design. Keep an eye on http://www.vegas-hotels-online.com - you will find NYNY promotions and other Las Vegas hotel promotions as well on this site.
7. Emeka Vegas
It's a great place to stay and one of the best deals on the strip. The key to getting a discount there is to use their promo codes. Rooms are going for as low as $64 /night. Here are the discount codes. http://www.lasvegas-how-to.com/special.h...
8. kimmie
The cheapest way to go to vegas is worryfreevacations.com
It will give you all the hotel ratings too!
9. Jordie.
yes they're the best. :D;
room service is awesome.
free bathrobes too :D
stay there!!!