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Is the swan hotel in orlando fl expensive?

i want to take my friends out for a birthday dinner somewhere pretty fancy but i wanna know the price ranges. help please :)


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1. Kacey
Yes its expensive to stay there food is also expensive you can walk over to the Boardwalk and eat at Spoodles Italian food is good. Food at the Swan and Dolphin are way too sophisticated because they are convention hotels which is the reason everything else in the hotel is expensive
2. the professor
Yes, Be advised that the Swan is NOT a Disney property. It's inside Disney but owned and operated by another company
Ok , the answer is yes it's expensive . There are much better and less expensive places to eat over on International Drive. Check them out on Google.
3. fllady61
for breakfast, a donut, banana, coffee, and a 20 oz bottle of soda cost almost 10$

does that help?

rooms 250 - 600 a night
4. cutieblues28
Here is the website for dinning. Look at the menu's there.

5. Thelma Lou P
It a no-tell Motel