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Is there a chance i can get a job in San Diego at some hotels?

OK. Am from phils. and will be migrating to San Diego, CA. Im a graduate of BS Hotel and restaurant management....


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The economy hasn't effected the tourism in San Diego yet. It is still a desirable place for Summer vacations and alot of conventions were booked in San Diego before the economy turned south so they are required to keep their commitments. Thanks to them, the hotels in downtown still get sold out on a regular basis. Plus, there is a high turn around in the hospitality industry. Try posting your resume on Jobing.com before you come to the states so you may have an interview lined up when you come. Some hotels have apllications available on their websites but a lot of them require you to go in to fill out an application. I would suggest applying downtown since that is where the majority of hotels are and they are seeing the most business right now. Good Luck!
2. bertoavi
be ready for culture shock, san diego has very low wages, we call it "sunshine tax". Also rents are very high for very small places. crime is relatively low and city has nice places to go and keep you busy.

if you stay in san diego more than 4 years and are an active person, you'll get hooked on the best climate in the whole continental US.But getting use to california shallowness is not easy... you been warned.
by the way, i hope you are comfortable around people speaking spanish, population is about 45% latino.

oh, a good place to check for employment would be craigslist san diego , but i think corporate hotels hire trough their own web sites...
3. Yarnlady_needsyarn
Yes, you should be able to find a job there, but you will probably be surprised at the low salary. Expenses in SD are very high, so be prepared to live on a very tight budget.

Since San Diego is very tourist/service oriented, your chances of finding work should be pretty good. Follow all the established methods of job search, especially looking all day every day.

You could start now, by sending your resume to various employment agencies and sources you find online.
4. gette_zoe
There are a few casinos in san diego with hotels and and restaruants, that maybe a good place to look as they pay well and have great benefits! There is Barona Valley Ranch Casino & Resort, Sycuan Casino, Harrah's Rincon and Pala Casino :) Good luck with the job hunt!
5. Gala
Sure, we let foreigners work here!

Seriously, I don't know exactly what hotels are hiring, but I know some are. Check out sdmarketplace.com--that's the SD Union-Tribune's advertising section and you can see what kind of jobs are out there.

Unemployment in CA is 10% so you may not find your dream job the first time around.

Welcome to SD!
6. sexyy!!
just go to all the san diego hotels and ask if they are hiring
7. girlgirlgirl
im at a san Diego hotel right now. ahah