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Is there any cheap hotel in weligton, new zealand where we 2 can stay 7 to 10 days. please let me know?


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1. ‡‡‡Bay Of Plenty‡‡‡
Yes. Go to this website, as low as $155: http://www.check-in.co.nz/hotels/sub_reg...
2. jennifer h
There is a motel across the road entrance to the Botanical gardens which I believe is resonably priced and quite good but I cant remember the name of it. not sure if it is the link I gave you but if not I think this one is a good price about $75 a night . If you stay a week you will probably get a better rate. If your in Wellington wandering around then get the cable car to the botanical gardens walk right through the gardens down hill to the main gate and look across the road to a quite big motel There is plenty of hotels most well over $100 a night and also backpackers here is another link
3. Iona House
Just google, Wellington New Zealand cheap hotels. There are plenty of websites to choose from.
Backpackers in Wellington are also very cheap accommodation.
Buy yourself a copy of, 'Lonely Planet New Zealand', it is the travellers bible and lists recommended places and prices.
4. ?
Nomads 'flashbackers' on Wakefield St is pretty good. Or you could try the Plaza hotel just along the way from it; otherwise Duxton, also on Wakefield. Those three choices are from cheapest to most expensive.

There's the two Quality Inns - one on Oriental Bay, and the other (which recently had a name change) in Featherston St, a short distance from the railway station.

Up on Willis St, the Mercure hotel is small with a nice vibe (and 24 hour gym/sauna). Another Mercure is up on The Terrace.
5. Slinky
There is a hostel just across the street from the train station. Excellent prices and accommodations. I stayed in hostels all over New Zealand and Australia way better than hotels at a fraction of the cost.
6. tumpa
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