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Is there any hotel packages in Reno, NV?

we want to go to Reno, NV for our honeymoon and was wondering if there are any hotels that include a package like: couples massages, mani, pedis, something special. if anyone could give some suggestions it would help out a lot :)


Answer (2):

1. Garrett
Just check the hotel sites. But consider a more beautiful location nearby-- Lake Tahoe. Probably can get nice packages at Harvey's or Harrah's, both large hotels at Tahoe-- and you could take a ride across the lake on the paddlewheel ship, or rent a ski-doo if you like doing that. Plus beautiful scenery, just got back and it was great.
2. Cheesy
The Peppermill and the Atlantis hotels both have really nice spas, so I'm sure they have something that could suit your needs.