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Looking for a hotel in or near New York CIty.?

Going to NY this summer to attend a baseball game and plays. Any suggestions for a hotel in a good location at a reasonable price? I would consider NJ or Queens, but prefer the City.


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1. Native New Yorker
My friend, depeding on your budget, check the link below. It will be very helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker
2. iceman
The best option is around Newark Airport. Although there are many bad areas of Newark, the airport area is safe and secure do the heightened security.

There are many decent hotels around the airport, which you can get for about 1/3 or 1/4 the price for the same hotel in Manhattan. Nj transit has stops right at the airport, and the hotels will shuttle you to that. From there is about 10$ and takes only 20 min to get to Penn Station. Its well worth it...
3. Pete
Yes, stay in any of the chains you can afford out in Jersey and take the bus or train into the city. The Lakeland busses run through most of the towns along Route 46 and I-80. The train will take you into the Hoboken Train Station where there's a PATH train right into Manhatten. (Hotel rooms in NYC will kill you!)