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Miami, Fl hotel that allows free parking?

I am looking for hotels that will allow me to park my car for free while we go on our cruise in November. The one that we used before now charges. Also if they allow free parking do they have a shuttle to the cruise terminal. Thanks in advance for the help.


Answer (3):

1. chuchi27
Why don't you just take a taxi instead and leave the car at the airport parking, they charge but no as much.
2. loves christmas lights
No one allows that these days. What does the cruise lines suggest? Id get someone to take you to the cruise ship and pick you up. Taking a shuttle from your locations will be much cheaper and safer then parking and maybe getting towed, if you get towed, there is no way out except pay the huge fees for your car being in there!
3. MedTq367
Just get a hotel near terminal and pay taxi.... it will be cheaper than paying +/-$84 in parking for a 1 week cruise. Or you can look up hotels and check the ammenities, some might offer shuttle