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Miami, FL hotels with shuttle to/from MIA and the Port of Miami?

I have reservations with Ramada already but everytime I call, they keep changing their minds about whether or not they have a shuttle and if it costs anything or not!!!!! I've been calling and calling hundreds of hotels and every single person has been so rude!!! One lady told me to 'ask when you're...


Answer (4):

the Marriot Airport Hotel in Miami definitely offers shuttles to the Port of Miami and to the Airport. If you are going on a cruise you should be able to book directly through the cruise line (ie royal caribbean gave us vouchers so it didn't cost anything extra for the transfers). If you are booking the shuttles on your own, expect to pay (not sure how much...it cost us $30 to get to South Beach but a taxi was about the same).

I know this really doesn't help that much be the best I can tell you is if you're at the Marriot Airport Hotel then you will definitely be able to get a shuttle any where you want to go.
2. dr_nigel_c
You can do a specific search of hotels in Miami that offer complimentary shuttle service:


There's a Red Roof, the Airport Regency, Comfort Inn, Days Inn, and many many more. I too was unable to confirm whether or not the Ramada offers free shuttle.
3. kimmer727
You should be able to book your shuttle from any hotel through your cruise - if you went through a travel agent, have her call Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival - or whom ever you are booked with and they will arrange to pick you up at the hotel and shuttle you to the pier.
4. Tivogal
I would call the cruiseline and get a shuttle. or i would call supershuttle. have a good one.