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Monthly rate hotels or motels in los angeles?

Hi im looking for a monthly rate hotel or motel near los angeles ca


Answer (2):

1. Capt. Obvious
The only people that do that sort of thing are the "Extended stay" hotels. Once you go over 30 days in a hotel, you are now a "tenant", and have renter's rights. Hotels don't want to mess with that. There are some REALLY seedy places downtown, but I can't recommend them. Too dangerous.

Just do like everyone else and stay at the Oakwood Apartments in Toluca Hills.
2. Dances With Mops 2 - Mop Bucket Boogaloo
You could try the Motel 6 website. Look for their Studio 6 properties.

HOWEVER: If my information is valid (it came from this forum, for what it's worth), you could have a problem if you need the room for over a month. That's when state or local tenant rights laws start kicking in, and a lot of motel owners may not want to bother with that mess. Good luck with your search.