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My very first Tokio Hotel HOB concert (Orlando,FL)! how should i go about it?

Finally Tokio Hotel comes to Florida! lol so this is my VERY FIRST concert and i don't have any experience It takes place at the House of Blues, Orlando, FL Can anyone help me? 1. - What time should I be there? 2. - I know it says no camera, but from what i've heard and from what i've seen on youtube, MANY...


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1. Mary S
-OK iv been to HOB about 10 times and just so you know in advance there is two lines one(which is the first you see) and its pass the line and the second which is around back is for general admission and if you want good spots I say get there btw 3 and 4hrs early.
-And this has happened to me if you bring a camera they will either make you throw it away,pay for them to hold it,or make you walk back to your car and put it there it sucks.
-Now on what to wair it gets hot in there so jeans would be best since you can roll them up and so on.And dont wair like heavy jackets or sweat shirts if you want tie them around you waist.
-And parking it will take you btw 10 and 20 minutes to get a parking place if your lucky last time took me 45 haha.
-well me of course.....lolz....and also there is like 3 bands opening so be patient and also drink water before you go in and bring some gum to keep your mouth from getting dry and this one is a big one..............
DONT use the bathrooms there,they are dirty really bad lolz
and you'll have a good time believe me the HOB family is very nice <3 Mary
2. Flarg!
Well I am soooo pissed because I live only 30 minutes away from the House of Blues and MY MOM ISNT LETTING ME GO! Omg I loooove Tokio Hotel! But here are some answers to some of your questions:

1. you should be there about 30 - 45 minutes BEFORE it starts.
2. Im not sure about the camera, but I would just bring my cell which has a camera in it =)
3. It says on HOB.com that you should wear jeans.
4. It also says on hob.com that you park in the Disney parking area, and it will take about 15 minutes to get a spot and park.
3. ♥§ŧEpĦªИiə [Sh*t Happens]♥
Lucky! I went to one in Anaheim at the HOB,then i went to that Hollywood and Highland sort of concert thing...they only played 3 songs
2 hours,it gets really really busy! When i went to the HOB i got there 45 minutes and the line was already long as hell!but somehow i managed to get in the front..(:
Naw,everyone brings their camera i don't even know why that is there
Just some jeans(:
Well the HOB i went to was in Dwontown Disney so we just parked in that lot,so I'm sorrry I don't know =/
Not me!*Sigh*
Have Fun!!
4. Steph
Well i'm gonna be going there too!!!!!!
i seriously cannot belive i'm going because i live in south florida but thank God i'm going!!!
i dn't really know at what time you should be there, but i know there will be alot of ppl so go early
bring your camera, they always say no cameras but when you actually get there you'll see a bunch of ppl filming and taking pictures.
your definitely gonna sweat and its probably gonna get hot because of all the jumping and stuff so wear something that will help you stay freash and of corse comfortable
i dn't really know much about parking but i heard its gonna be free!
i seriously cannot wait till the concert and i heared its gonna be a blast!!!
5. Emma
ok so like you should arrive about 2-3 hours before hand it gets MAJORLY croweded


you want to be near the stage lol

also parking is free but it is quite a walk and plus just being there youll want pants and sneakers
no flip flops theyll probably break
im bringing my camerawr but youll want to hide and no purses they are a pain in the neck =[
thats all ive gotten so far hope to see ya ther =]]]]
6. Baeby
omg im going!!!!

i gonna leave a little early in the day bc me and my friends are planing to go eat before. hopefully be there around 6:30 maybe earlier for good places. it'd be pointless to not even be able to them TH. camera thing- idk? i was thinkin the same thing! hopefully they dont do body searches heheheee.... outfit: tight jeans and a tshirt, possibly one of theirs? havent decided. parking.. no idea either. oh and this is also my VERY FIRST CONCERT! im glad its gonna be tokio hotel :D
7. Jello
OMG!! I so want to go...
But i live down here in miami and... I just can't :(

My answers:
1. be there like 2 hours early (the more early the better..it gets packed)
2. Take your camera!!!! duh!!! lol just hide it like in your jacket or something..not in the purse...sometimes they check them
3. some jeans and sneakers
4. I dunno about the parking...that another reason to get there early
5. I wish!!....they should of done the concert in miami :(

Have fun!!!
btw howmuch did the tickets cost you? and where did you buy them?
8. quepasa789
your so lucky you can go.!!!...just take your camera anyways :) ...everyone does it......and yeah..i suggest you go early..cuz it gets really crowded......