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Need help locating hotel?

I am going on a cruise and will be leaving from Long Beach,Ca.. I was told there is a hotel/motel in the area where I can get lodging the night before sailing. They will also provide parking while I am away and also transport me to and from the ship. Anybody know the name and /or number of this hotel. Thank you


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1. naliwad
The Comfort Inn in Long Beach offers inexpensive hotel accommodations with free shuttle to the Long Beach terminal upon request and the first 3 nights are free to park your car. After that it is $5.00 a night.

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Go to lodging, advanced hotel search and fill in the Comfort Inn (not Suites) in Long Beach.

I am going on the same cruise in March and am excited to be able to stay at this location as it cost $16.00 a day to park by Carnival Cruise.

Happy Sailing!!!!