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Need to know A Really Nice Hotel In Miami?

Price Doesn't Matter. Preferably One With A Really Nice Pool.


Answer (6):

1. ?
All hotels in Miami are good. but I'd suggest maybe renting a small vacational Villa or something. It's always more fun to do things your way. Check out http://www.byowner.com/vacation-rentals/... . It'll help you find amazing rentals at reasonable prices.
2. Carolina
Fontainebleau is awesome (hoping you're 21 or over) the pool is great and you can order bottles and all. The people that go there are all Miami natives because it's really fun for us. Liv (the nightclub) is in there and is the club everyone wants to get into right now. The restaurant is fun and vibrant, and the food is delicious. And the rooms have amazing views.
3. Hannah
The Ritz Carlton is nice.
All Miami hotels have pools.
4. TheSuitest
Here are all the hotels in Miami with a pool listed started with the nicest (Acqualina Resort and Spa) at the top:

Once you're on the hotel website (TheSuitest) you can search by date, location, and pretty much any amenity you can think of. Hope that helps!
5. IBC
It will be a bundle of selections Hotels in Miami to make your trip. And if you want to share my opinion, then i must suggest a really nice hotel that is, Hotels in Miami south beach under IBC. It just too comfy to get out of.
6. candace_duda
Anything on the beach by bayside, grove, brickell, especially fountainblue, ritz carlton, loews, eden roc, delano, intrrcontinental by bayside, mayfair