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Need your advice on Orlando hotel..?

Next year we plan to take our son who will be 3 years old to Orlando FL to Disney Land. What hotels do you recommend for a 3 year old thats reasonably priced? And what activites would you do?

Thanks in advance.


Answer (5):

1. LiLa
The Value Resort Hotels in Disney World are very reasonably priced and start at around $84 per night during value seasons. There are a few options to choose from, but all are elaborately themed and fun. Considering the convenience of staying in one-- the proximity to the parks, the gas money and parking fees you save, and the Extra Magic Hours available only to Disney hotel guests -- it is definitely worth it! There are Moderate and Deluxe hotels as well. You can explore all of these on Disney World's website.
2. NemoRanger
If you are planning a Disney Holiday then I would strongly suggest you stay at a Disney hotel. The main reason why is convenience. When you stay at a Disney resort you can use the free Disney transportation to get between the parks and your hotel.

While many off property hotels offer free Disney shuttles they are not as convenient or reliable as a Disney Shuttle. A Disney Shuttle will allow you to easily go back to your room for a quick afternoon nap and a swim in the pool and then head back to the park for evening fireworks or whatever you want.

There are many other reasons why its best to stay at a Disney resort but when traveling with such a young one. I can tell you the ease of going back and forth from your hotel room and to the parks is the best reason of all. The parks are huge, hot and very crowded. I see hundreds of over stimulated, exhausted kids and parents who need to leave the park for a couple hours and relax but can't because they feel trapped.
3. YDD
When we went to Disney World in Orlando, Fl, we stayed at Disney's All-Star Movie Resort, that is a value resort, and it was amazing. It was based on a few Disney movies, and we all loved it. We also really enjoyed all the benefits we had while staying in one of Disney's onsite hotels. You can check the value hotels in the Disney website. I hope this helped!
4. reinaldok_2000
Be careful when you use the internet or you will get confused answers. Disney Land is in California and should not be confused with Disney World which is close to Orlando, Florida
5. Cath and Spencer
I would suggest the Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas. It has lots for the kids to do when you are away from Disneyland.