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Need your help to choose a hotel in San Francisco?

Ok here's the thing. I want a hotel near to any BART station in downtown. Im only can afford $60 or less and I have found some option but i would like to know how safe the location is.... Which of the following hotels is safe to arrive at night? We will go out and go back at night... Civic Center Inn San...


Answer (3):

1. marion
I agree the Mithila is better than the others, But I live near there, and it looks pretty scary. I would suggest instead staying in a hostel, they are safe and clean, and you won't get a better deal in SF. There are a few downtown by BART. If you are willing to spend $20 more, the Cornell Hotel is hands down the BEST deal for a hotel in the city. It's on the corner of Powell and Bush is owned by this charming french couple, and every room has it's own decor.
2. tonalc2
I agree with the people above; and the Mithila would be the best, but it's not really close to BART (about a 12-block walk).

And I second the recommendation of a hostel. The downtown HI hostel is in a reasonable location (312 Mason, a block from Union Square) and is a reasonable price:

3. Adam in Chains
Of the ones you listed stick with the Milthia on Sutter, the others are in the Tenderloin a seedy part of the city, kind of like Times Square in the 1970's...