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New York Hotel close to attractions?

I have plans to go to NY for 2 days 31/7 to 2/8, can anyone advise a good price hotel to stay at that would be close to the attractions ( i would say below $100 a day would be good)


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1. MS
You won't find a hotel under $100 in Manhattan, which is where the attractions are. You probably won't find one even in nearby Jersey or the near boroughs for under $100 a night. That is especially true on the weekend, when hotel rates are higher.

We stayed at the Econo Lodge Times Square a few years ago. It's very well-located, and was $160 a night during our stay, which was a great deal. The rooms were very small, but it was clean.

The NYC attractions are spread out all over, so it really doesn't matter where you stay. Just hop on the subway, and you'll find yourself where you want to be very quickly.
2. tham153
Under $100/night in Manhattan? Borrow the Doctor's TARDIS and drop in around 1958. Even the hotsheet motels which rent by the hour will get more than that in a night. Even in the outer boroughs where rooms come with hot and cold running cockroaches you'll have a hard time finding that price. Barely possible a YMCA might make it.
3. Mamie
Look online for hotels/motels in Long Island City, which is less than 10 minutes by subway from Manhattan.
4. DON W
Hotel rooms in Manhattan start at about $200 a night and go up from there.

For less than $200 a night, you need to look in the outer boroughs or in the suburbs and take a train or subway into Manhattan, or consider staying in a hostel.
5. Herfnerd
Try doubling your per night budget and you might find a room

As for close to attractions - NYC is not a theme park and the attractions are located all over the city
6. Scott J
You basically will not find a hotel room for less than $100 a day in Manhattan. It you do, it will be a roach infested dive.
7. Flower
What do you mean by "attractions"? Landmarks? There is nothing in Manhattan below $100 a night.
8. Haitham C
Sheraton Tribeca New York Hotel is the location good? what about the Vanderbilt YMCA ??
9. Melissa
You are not getting a room in NYC for under $100. Period.
10. Mik
you want subway access. attraction are everywhere. ooops i just saw your under $100/day

forget it