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Nice hotel for honeymoon night?

What would be a night hotel for our honeymoon night? preferably something that has a honeymoon suite. Any ideas or suggestions?


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1. jennifer h
2. Halo Mom
Central Park Bed and Breakfast Louisville
Marriott Hotel Downtown Louisville
Embassy Suites Louisville
21C Museum Hotel Louisville
Galt House Hotel & suite Louisville
1853 Inn at Woodhaven, Louisville
Hyatt Regency Hotel Louisville
The brown hotel, Louisville
The Seelbach Hilton Hotel Louisville
La Quinta Inn & Suite Louisville

I google the best ten hotels in Louisville KY
These what came up
Any of these would be fine for the wedding night
3. Woods
It's not a 5 star hotel, but try the Hilton Garden Inn & Suites near the airport ( Crittenden Dr).

Ask for a jacuzzi suite if you want a large, romantic room. Take battery operated candles and rose petals and you'll love it.

Nicer hotel might be the Hyatt Regency on Jefferson St in downtown.
4. Living the Dream
Before you book, check with the hotel to see how full they are or if any huge groups are booked already. We stayed at a Hilton in Chicago our wedding night, and it was one of the most horrible hotel experiences I've ever had. There were 2 or 3 giant family reunions, and apparently the hotel didn't care about making anyone be quiet at 1 in the morning. The room next to us was having a rowdy poker game, and the hotel didn't even do anything about it when I called down to the service desk. Try to get a hotel that won't be completely full. You'll get some peace and quiet, which you'll need after your wedding day events.
5. Stephan
Be sure to check out www.online-hotel-price.com they compare thousands of hotels so you can find the room you want at the price you want. They also have good reviews and lots of pictures to see what the room looks like.

Congrats by the way!
6. Nirali
the Brown Hotel, Mariott, Hilton http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=loui...
7. Zayar
Northern Areas of Pakistan are the best place for a Honeymoon Trip. Very Romantic place.
8. Caroline
tripadvisor.com is great for checking out a hotel before you book.

Even within a chain, there are good apples and bad apples.
9. jellybeancounter
Where are you looking to stay? Do you want to travel, or would you prefer something nearby?