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On an average, how much is the salary of a cook that will be working for a hotel in miami, fl?

I'm from the Manila, Philippines & I will be having an interview for an overseas job (as a cook) in Miami, FL. I would like to know how much is the average salary/month of a cook/kitchen position working for a hotel? I am asking because if I do take this job, it'll require me to shell out quite a lot of...


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1. john m
First......get a tourist visa and pay a visit.

second ...when (You are a Professional) you get hire for an American (serious) Company ,The company give You a "moving" allowance of a few thousand US Dollars.

and the last...
there are several CROOKS "companies", that fake to be a Hotels hiring departments and telling the story of: You are hired for the hotel chain of "FIVE STARS RESORT"(fake name" and You have to pay X Thousand of dollars for Re-training ,Visa,Accommodations,etc....

is not limited to hotels ...is also in the modeling, flight attendance,dancers,actress,etc.

What I am saying is double check and do not expend any money from your pocket,let the company,whom is hiring You, do it for You
After all ,they will get that money back from the taxes.

a line cook,more or less.25k
a sub chef 35k
an executive chef 45k to 70k(will depend on the clientelle)
2. nasath
The salary/remuneration for a particular job is the market value for a particular profession and designation at the city/town where the office is located. Job postings at websites like Monster, Yahoo HotJobs and Careerbuilder carry information about salaries. The Govt Dept of Labor, (www.bls.gov) Bureau of statistics has information about median salaries for different professions and details of additional compensation offered. Other online resources are salary.com and payscale. Your salary will also depend on your educational qualification and how you handle your career. More details and links to relevant websites available at http://7ys.info/