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Parking at hotels near Atlanta airport?

We are traveling from Atlanta, Ga.and want to know if anyone has experience with any hotels that allow you to leave your car with them for 11 days if you spend at least one night with them and if so what they might charge.


Answer (2):

1. msrealestateagent
Don't have a personal experience but airport hotels are very busy and the airport parking is also pricey so I don't see a hotel allowing you to do it for free, even after staying one night at their hotel.
2. mccoyblues
No hotel allows long term airport parking if you are not a registered guest. A one night stay gives you parking priviledges for one night only. The hotel management is smarter than that. You can't just park in the hotel to avoid the airport parking fees. Their parking lots would be full of car and the paying guests would have no place to park.

Don't be cheap. Pay to park the damn car. If you don't want to pay to park take MARTA to the airport.