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Perfect Bachelor Party Hotel in South Beach?

As the best man to my best friend, I've been delegated the duty of coordinating his bachelor party. We've decided to have it in South Beach, Miami, FL. Our parameters are simple: 1) In South Beach (walking distance to all the nightlife); 2) Preferrably on the beach (but not mandatory); 3) A suite...


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1. ?
Finding a hotel that knows you have that many people in 1 room is going to be tough. I would say to get two rooms next to each other.
I think you probably want to be able to overflow out to the beach to keep partying in case someone complains of noise, so it would be important to be right on the beach. You may also want to walk to a club so I suggest you find a hotel somewhere between 5th street and 16th. There are some good hotels for this type of thing down up a little further, Sagamore comes to mind, but you may need a taxi to get to the heart of Sobe nightlife.
Depending on the time of year $600 should get you two good rooms just about anywhere except the top luxury hotels.
If you want to splurge it up the new party/luxury hotels seem to be Gansevort, W, Foutainbleau.
2. Sownboard
room for 9 guys for 600/night aint happening. simple as that.

even a suite...9 people aint happening.

just get 2 rooms...even then you wont be able to sleep 9 comfortably.

all of you guys dont need to sleep in the same room...I think you can bare being apart for sleep time.

if it was me....i would get 3 double rooms right next to each other. you shouldnt spend alot of time in the rooms anyways...whats the point..and when you are tired...you can comfortably sleep 3 in each room. (probably 2 will have to share one bed...some hotels dont offer bed couches)
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