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Pet-friendly affordable hotels around Orlando, FL?

I'm having a HUGE dilemma. I'm planning a trip to take a big number of my family to Orlando sometime in mid August. I have been planning this trip for months, but had a lot of trouble getting everyone's schedule to coincide. There's a total of 7 adults plus 1 baby and 2 dogs. Unfortunately, I got...


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1. drip
Get a pet sitter to come in to your home 3 times a day.
They are use to all sorts of animals and personalities. They can give medication or a special diet. They can take care of a dog that is not use to strangers.
You can also ask your Vet for boarding suggestion. I got info from my Vet for my mother's elderly dog.
Why can't you use a kennel by your home?
2. Richard
Check Motel 6.
3. mildred f
You might try the La Quinta motel chain. But you cannot leave the dogs un-crated even there. And someone should be there all day on a rotating basis.
4. Karen L
You have another problem even if you find a hotel that will accept two dogs. No hotel allows you to leave a dog unattended in a room, even if it's crated, so someone will have to stay in the room with the dog 24 hours a day.

Have you checked with any kennels? You realize that dealing with dogs, even difficult ones, is what they do? If your dog is not dog friendly then they will make sure it doesn't come in contact with any, if that is what you want and think best. They do not just dump a bunch of dogs into a room and let them be.

I also think your budget is unreasonable. You want to pay no more than $200 a night for 8 people. Most rooms can accommodate no more than four people, if at least some of them share beds. That's $100 a night per room, in Orlando yet, in the season when anyone with kids in school is free to travel.

Have you considered hiring someone to stay in your home with the dogs? Is there anyone in your area that boards dogs in their home? That is what I do and I would be perfectly willing to board two dogs who cannot get along with other dogs. I just wouldn't take any other boarders for that time. It's getting a bit late to find a space, though, since it's summer when everyone travels.
5. A Hunch
Hotels also typically don't allow you to leave dogs in the room unattended. So like the Mrs' says - are going to need to find a vacation home. Try VRBO.com or HomeAway.com

Or you are going to have to find someone to take care of them.
6. Mrsjvb
no hotel does. your expected costs are unreasonable for Orlando in Summer with that many people plus the pets. so unless you can find a condo or vacation home rental that permits pets, you are SOL.