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Pet friendly beaches and hotels in Savannah, GA?

For a vacation this summer my family and I planned to go to a beach in Savannah, GA , but are unsure of any pet friendly beaches or hotels in that area. We have never left our dog at a kennel so we are trying to keep that out of the question..


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Savannah is not on a beach per se however "Savannah's beach" is known as Tybee Island is about 30 minutes East of Savannah. I was look at Tybee's website and no dogs are allowed.
Wilmington Island does not allow dogs either (Wilmington is also nearby Savannah)
I found that out by googling, "are dogs allowed at Wilmington Island GA?"
2. Johan
Hi There

You can search on Cheap Cheap Travel & Stay which is a cost comparison website for travel and stay and refine for pet friendly in left hand box - hotel features


3. CaymanHost
Try the comparison site I've linked to below - I've narrowed it down to hotels in Savannah, of which there are 127 listed. If you click on the "all 127 hotels in Savannah" button it will take you to a page where you can then check the boxes on the left hand side to narrow down your requirements - one of which is "pet friendly"

The site provides photos, guest reviews and maps too so hopefully you will find the perfect place for you and the family.

Hope this helps.