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Pet friendly hotels san diego PLEASE!!?

Husband will be working in Chula vista Tues. and Wed. and we need at least 3 star hotel not exceeding $200 not too far from Chula but in a safe neighborhood. No hidden charges and no rediculous pet fee please:)

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1. LB
Here are some pet friendly hotels in Chula Vista:

Good Nite Inn South Bay
225 Bay Blvd.
Chula Vista, CA
About $70/night

Not the prettiest place, and has thin walls, but it's safe and within easy walking distance to many restaurants. It's also an easy commute to the zoo, Balboa Park, etc. They have been renovating over the last few months, so it may be nicer now.

La Quinta Inn
150 Bonita Rd
Chula Vista, CA
$95/night and up

This one's cool because it has free internet access in all the rooms, and a free continental breakfast. It's also nicer than the Good Nite Inn. Just make sure you're not on the freeway side, though, 'cause it can get noisy there.

Motel 6 Chula Vista
745 E St
Chula Vista, CA
About $40/night

This one is very close to the border and the airport, so you may not like the neighborhood. Some people don't mind it, others do. I'd suggest driving by first before making a decision if you're considering this one.

I suggest you avoid the Travelodge Chula Vista. While they are pet friendly, I have heard many reports of bedbug infested beds that leave people itching after they check out. Yikes!

Anyway...of the ones I listed, I think the La Quinta Inn is the nicest and worth the couple of extra bucks. The Good Nite Inn is the second choice. Hope this helps!
2. Kathy H
This site will help you find a hotel that allows dogs in San Diego. You might want to stay at OceanBeach because there is a Dog Beach there.

The site: http://www.pettravel.com/destinations/Sa...
3. fellin1975
YES!!! It's called "The Dogpound".