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*POLL* Like em' or hate em’: Hotels...?

This is a stupid question, but I'm bored so... -Do you guys like staying a night or 2 in hotels? Hate staying in hotels? My opinion: Yuck! I hate hotels! I don't care if their cleaned... they're nasty! When I was little like 8-10 I liked going to them cause of the pool. But now that I know what...


Answer (7):

1. Velvet Rose
2. Shart
i love them and i only read that you hate them. i could care less about the sheets i just put a towel over the pillow and if you're in a nice hotel you won't have the problem of **** on your stuff.
3. Pitbull's dirty lil mami!
haha wen i was at a hotel with my ex we were f******* and apparently we were being to loud...well mostly my screams n moans haha, tht the people next to us called the front desk and sent someone up and told us to quiet down bc we were keeping them awake haha, i was so embarrased :P
4. ♥liv϶и тнз тззиӓᴳᴣ ᴰᴙᴈᴀᴍ♥
well my parents own a hotel..so i pretty much grew up in one..so i like it. You meet a lot of interesting people!!
5. L'amour ♥ ™
Hate 'em
6. Nicole
i love them
7. awommack