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Question about hotel and being under 21?

My boyfriend and i wanna take a trip to Pensacola, FL and are looking for hotels. Many of them require you to be 21 at check-in but we're only 20. This sucks because alot of the really nice ones are like that and thats what we want. Is there a way to find ones that will allow 18 and up check in?


Answer (2):

1. Peedlepup
They do exist, but you're going to have to hunt for them. Also remember that most hotels require you to have a credit card in your own name at check in. That is to cover any damage you may do to the room or hotel property, or if you decise to split without paying for the room.
2. Nick_nak
My friends and I have been staying at hotels alone since we were 18. The key is how you book them. Some travel sites require you to be 21 to book, while some only require you to be 18. I personally used Orbitz and have NEVER had a problem. I'm 20 years old and still booking hotels to stay at. That being said, I've never stayed at a hotel that requires age verification at check in. Also I've stayed at a few hotels that have self check in with a kiosk. So I would personally recommend reserving the room online through a travel sight like Orbitz or another that doesn't require you to be 21 to book. You shouldn't have any problems.